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Youth Empowerment Program


To assist young adults 18-30 in advocating and navigating the housing process, coach individuals in

attaining employment, health coaching and sponsor CHW apprentice.

a) Housing: Help you navigate the housing process (Section 8, DSS, private landlord)

b) Employment: Refer client to CEK CHW Training Program, transportation to and from interviews,

resume building, mock interviews, partner with local organization to hire clients

c) Health Coaching : Accompany or meet client at their appointments, weekly check-ins, assess for SDOH then make appropriate referrals(Peer support, SNAP, HEAP)

d) CHW Apprenticeship Program

e) Youth Empowerment Conference :An annual half-day event when subject matter experts are invited to share on health topics that impact the community. Attendees will leave with valuable resources and

knowledge of information and become more knowledgeable than ever when they arrived


Marcus Henderson

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