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Alfred Z. Solomon Maternal & Child Program

Our Vision

To be the advocate of mothers to help them navigate the healthcare system, and to increase the

quality of care during their pregnancy and childbirth

Our Mission

We accompany or meet mom and baby at their doctors’ appointment for up to 1 year. To assist

them to understand all their options and to advocate for a healthy relationship between mother

and baby.

Theressa Ruiz

Precious Ones Maternal Program (POMP)

Our Purpose

Maternal and Child program focuses on health issues concerning mother and child. We empower mothers to follow the recommendations from their provider for prenatal and well-childcare, infant and maternal mortality prevention, maternal and child mental health, newborn screening, child immunizations, nutrition, and community resources.

Health Coaching

An assigned CHW provides weekly/monthly check in, assess for Social Determinants of Health, make appropriate referrals based on results of SDOH assessment, assist client with applying for SNAP/HEAP/WIC, assist with OBGYN appt for mom.

Care Coordination

  • Navigate health care services
  • Access care for your other physical and mental health needs
  • Connect to community resources
  • Cope with pregnancy loss
  • Provide health coaching during and after delivery

CHW Maternal Intern

Students will be taught how to empower clients, develop practical skills, and support individual development. Students will also learn the importance of outreach and gathering community resources that will guide, educate, and bridge the gap between client and advocate.

Maternal Empowerment Seminar

An annual half-day event when subject matter experts are invited to share on health topics that impact the community. Attendees will leave with valuable resources and knowledge of information and become more knowledgeable than ever when they arrived.

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